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Published: 911 days ago

State of Decay Download (2013) Full PC Game Download – 6.22 GB

Free State of Decay Full Game Download


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The time has again come for everyone here at Full Games Free Download to announce another excellent game release, fully cracked, with no errors and of course completely free. All you have to do is follow the links provided below to download and then access the game. However before attempting to download any of the game files please do remember to read the How To Download (FAQ) section which details how to do this. We personally here at Full Games Free Download genuinely hope that you enjoy this release and continue to provide all of your support for us so it is possible for future games to continually be leaked here. Many thanks once again and we all hope to see you very soon! If you don’t find what you want here, check out our sister site over at GamesEpic!

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Genre: Survival Horror
 Publisher: Microsoft Studios
 Developer: Undead Labs
System Requirements
 INTEL CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz
 AMD CPU: Athlon II X2 3.2 GHz
 Nvidia GPU: GeForce 8800 GT
 AMD GPU: Radeon HD 3870
 OS: Win Xp 32
 Direct X: DX 9

About This Game

State of Decay is the latest survival horror game that absolutely everybody is talking about and it is available to download for free here at Full Games Free Download. The game fundamentally focuses on stealthing around, using distractions, building a base and the general survivor community. The game is a completely open world where the decisions the player makes have a huge impact on the surrounding environment. Players are able to choose a location to build a base in. Structures such as watch towers, gardens, sleeping quarters, kitchens, workshops, medical bays, and barricades can be constructed to defend against the infected population, help survivors recover faster, and build explosives and other tools.

Food, medicine, shelter, ammo, and construction materials are all absolutely necessary for survival in this zombie apolocalypse. To obtain these supplies, the player will need to go on raids to abandoned supermarkets and many other locations, although food can be grown at the base. The player can also find other groups of survivors that are willing to trade their resources with the player, in exchange for ammunition. The player will be able to rescue other AI survivors to help with defense, build facilities, and repair cars/guns (with the appropriate facilities). They can also be sent out to loot, find a new base location, or to come pick up supplies found by the player. Once a high enough relationship is developed with these new characters, they will become playable. The player’s choices will affect how the gameplay evolves. The game world is 16 square kilometers but because of mountains, it is 8 square kilometers of playable area.

The NPCs in State of Decay vary in skin color and gender, they sometimes show signs of aging in the game. They can set up bases to survive which the player character can find while exploring. Saving NPCs will add them to the community of survivors. Each NPC can be assigned tasks like doing runs to collect items, or scouting. Player characters can trade with other survivor bases for items which they excel in, such as weaponry. NPCs can become trapped when on a run for items, although the player will have the option to rescue them. If they are not rescued, they may die or become lost. There are 30 NPCs in State of Decay which will spawn in a semi-random arrangement, while 20 Story NPCs will always spawn in a designated location.

The game features 99 different guns and between 30 to 40 melee weapons to be found around the game world. The higher a character’s skill with guns, the lower the chance of them jamming. Jammed guns will need to be repaired at any home base. High skills with guns will also result in lower recoil. Gunshots will attract zombies, to combat this weapons can be equipped with suppressors. Each gun has a decibel rating seen in the game’s inventory; higher decibel ratings result in louder gunshot.There are three classes of melee weapons featured in the game; light blunt, light edged, and heavy weapons. Each class will have advantages and disadvantages. As characters use weapons, their skill will increase.

During the game, player characters can enter buildings. While loot will often be found, so will zombies. Fenced buildings can be turned into a base. Only one base can be occupied at a time, they can be overrun, and relocated. A large number of customization options exist for the base, including, but not limited to, gardens, kitchens, tents for sleeping, storage areas, radio station for communication, workshop for upgrading and repairing weapons, training centers, generators for power, guard towers, and walls for defense. Any building that is not destroyed can be turned into an outpost. An outpost is a place for players to sleep in or store items. Zombies cannot spawn around an outpost. The number of outposts available to players is dependent on the size of the player character’s base.


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